The EdgarHorn/Onken Speaker Project

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What is an EdgarHorn/Onken Speaker?

Well the EdgarHorn is named after Dr. Bruce Edgar, designer and developer of horn speakers with a specific flare of their horn shape. Known as the Tractrix curve it follows a design paradigm that wavefronts are sphericle in shape. I will not argue the point except to agree with the paradigm and move on.

The Onken refer's to both a brand and design. In my setup the Onken is the bass unit covering, hopefully ~50hz-300hz. The most notable aspects of the Onken is it is similar to a bass reflex (aka: vented) box but with a much larger "vent" area. Known for their "speed" and clarity the Onken should mate well with the horn loaded mid.

Not ignoring the top range of frequencies, tweeter duties have yet to be determined. Current front runners include ribbon, electrostatic and magnetic designs. The electrostatic method might turn out to be best. It could not only be easy to design for my application, very few, if any companies make units such as this.