A Dual Headed Configuration

	Last month, I purchased 2 nice black Planar 17" LCD's with
	DVI inputs. They also feature 450:1 contrast and 16ms refresh
	making them one of the better models out there. Reviews were 
	quite good so I jumped at the Dell offer. Apparently there was
	either a pricing mistake or typo but for $300 each I could wait.

	After a month they arrived. I then ordered a ASUS V9280, GeForce
	4 Ti4200 AGP 8x card. It offers dual DVI outputs to drive my
	dual lcd's. 

	The overall effect is quite nice but two monitors can lead to
	physical layout issues. I find the inner seam centered in front
	of me and it seems to be a touch distracting so far. 3 screens
	would offer a superior view but would leave no desktop space.
	Another option is to center one screen and have the other to the
	left or right. I've got a larger pair of desktop speakers, Monsoons,
	which also causes issues. So far having the monitors side by side
	with the speakers at each end works best.

	I'm using the latest NVidia driver with FreeBSD 4.9.
	My windowmanager is windowmaker v 0.80.1.

	At first I had the system configured in such a way that wmaker
	actually spawned a desktop on each monitor. This works okay but
	certain applications would never start on the 2nd monitor wm
	(for example : fxtv) and I was unable to drag apps from one
	desktop to another. Workspaces were still functional though.
	I didn't spend much time with this setup so I did not work on
	disabling the Dock and Fiend in the 2nd workspace.

	Next up I decided to work with NVidia TwinView functionality.
	While the 1st setup would work for game play overall the 
	stretched workspace is probably better.

	My config looks like this currently
	(trimmed down)

	Section "ServerLayout"
        	Identifier     "AGP NVidia"
        	Screen          "Screen0"       
        	InputDevice    "Mouse0" "CorePointer"
        	InputDevice    "Keyboard0" "CoreKeyboard"

	Section "Device"
		Option  "TwinView"              "ON"
		Option  "SecondMonitorHorizSync"        "30-70"
		Option  "SecondMonitorVertRefresh"      "50-160"
		Option  "TwinViewOrientation"   "LeftOf"
		Option  "MetaModes"     "1280x1024,1280x1024; 1024x768,1024x768"
#		Option  "ConnectedMonitor"      "LCD,LCD"
		Option  "ConnectedMonitor"	"DFP,DFP"
		Identifier  "NV AGP TwinView"
		Driver      "nvidia"
	        VendorName  "NVidia"
        	Card        "GeForce4 Ti 4200 with AGP8X"
        	BusID       "PCI:1:0:0"

	Section "Screen"
        Identifier "Screen0"
        Device     "NV AGP Twinview"
        Monitor    "Monitor0"
        DefaultDepth     16
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     16
                Modes    "1280x1024"
        SubSection "Display"
                Depth     24

#	Section "ServerFlags"
#        	Option  "Xinerama"      "true"
#	EndSection

UPDATE: 11 Dec 2003 Props go out to Dave for RTFMing and determing that my config above is a bit off. The ServerFlags section is not needed IF you are using the nvidia driver. Apparently the nvidia driver does this auto- magically. Also the correct values for ConnectedMonitor are CRT or DFP.

Copyright © 2003,2004 - Steven St.Laurent - steven@403forbidden.net