Fiddly Mouse Wheel Doc

	Sometime back I bought a new mouse. For the longest time I had used
	a Logitech MouseMan Marble Mouse. The one with the huge cue-ball 
	sized trackball manipulated with the thumb and forefinger.

	The primary button went funky and a replacement was necessary. 
	I bought a Logitech Marble Mouse USB. This unit is the one with the 
	smaller marble controlled by fingertips and has these goofy small
	scroll buttons to each side of the left/right buttons. It would
	not have been my first choice but it has worked out pretty well.

	The following details how I got the scroll buttons to work under
	FreeBSD with a mostly standard config.

	FIRST: Setup X

	I use the mouse daemon (moused) to control my mouse. There is nothing
	much needed here. Snippet from my XF86Config

		Section "InputDevice"
	         Identifier  "Mouse0"
	         Driver      "mouse"
	         Option      "Protocol" "SysMouse"
	         Option      "Device" "/dev/sysmouse"
        	 Option      "Buttons" "5"

	SECOND: Configure moused

	Moused is configured, rather not. No flags above and beyond the
	default. My command is...

		moused -p /dev/psm0

	THIRD: install and configure IMWHEEL

	This is the meat and potato of it all. IMWHEEL is a handy app which
	translates mouse events into X window events. The port of IMWHEEL
	is located in /usr/ports/x11. Nothing special to be done, a simple
	make install clean in the directory is sufficient. Copy the 
	/usr/X11R6/etc/imwheelrc to ~/.imwheelrc and edit (if necessary).
	I did not have to so you probably will not either. Start imwheel
	on a terminal window. 

	FINALLY: have at it

	Try mozilla or netscape first. Your scroll buttons should work.
	If not on a terminal window try using the xev app
	to determine if the button clicks are being noticed by X.


Copyright © 2003,2004 - Steven St.Laurent -