I bought a 1975 International Harvestor Scout II off eBay from a nice guy in Savannah, GA.

I now own my own special rust bucket and money pit.

Original Auction Pics here

Distributor Pics here

4 June 2006 - picked up parts in savannah. Got a cherry tailgate,
plus a bunch of D&C parts for a SOA. Need to decide what I'm gonna do.

14 June 2005 - removed battery tray. A small about of rust thru but
not bad. Need to fix that. Not sure if i'll get OEM part or a plastic tray

16 June 2005 - finally dropped the transmission pan. 
Made a mess, fluid everywhere. I'll go to NAPA and get a new pan/filter. 
Finally got the tranny to engage the parking brake which is a relief. 
Did not want to have to rebuild the tranny. 
Still waiting on a spindle socket so I can redo the brakes. Ug. 
Also yanked the distributor and carb off the engine. 
I might get a DUI dist and need to rebuild the carb. 
Finally I'm pricing a alu radiator. Cheaper than OEM replacement.

09 Aug 2005 - long time no update. Lets see. Removed the radiator.
Cost of re-core isn't viable. Alu radiator is cheapest solution.
Card is sitting on table awaiting rebuild. I pulled the front axle out
due to leaking pinion seal. I've got a new yoke, seal, bolt, u joint, etc
to slap in and remount the axle. The wheels are done and tires bolted on.
I also tore apart the springs, got new bushings and bolts. Going to put
on the new shackles and bushings this week/weekend. I still need to
get some spring clips to keep the springs together then bolt them in.
Finally get the axle back under it, bolt on the new U bolts and tighten 
everything up.

The transmission is also done. Just need to fill it with fluid.

12 Aug 2005 - ugg.. still waiting on parts. This time the "instock"
leaf spring clips are not-so-instock. ETA Wednesday. So much for calling

13 Aug 2005 - Attached bushings to back of leaf springs and pounded/wrestled
them into place. But totally forgot to grease the bushings. Gotta redo that.
Then the rains came, no more work.

14 Aug 2005 - nice day, so I decided to get some serious work done. I PB'd the
sway bar mounts. Going to remove it and maybe leave it off. The D&C shackles 
have no way to mount the factory bar back on, so I will have to fab something
if I want to put it back on. After that I slapped on the new pinion seal.
First I had to figure out which way the oil wiper went. Neither the Scout
service manual had a diagram which showed nor was the exploded diagram of
the dana 44 I found online detailed enough. After looking at it for a bit
I figured the indented side was the "washer" for the yoke, the other way
around and it will crush it. A while back I bought a large socket set, the
3" socket was perfect for driving in the pinion seal. Then I got the yoke on.
Finally came the hard part, torque the pinion nut. This bugger needs 175-225
ft lb so I split the difference and went for 200 ft lbs. I attached a 3ft
steel pipe to the yoke with some plastic to protect it and used the U joint
clip to tighten it down. This was wedged against the ground with my knee and 
off I went cranking with the socket. Once snug out came the torque wrench.
I could see as I stepped from 100ft lb to 150 ft lb that the yoke tighened up
on the pinion and closed the gap with the seal. I see how all this works now.
At 150 ft lb I gave the yoke a little spin. Seemed okay. Went to 175 ft lb.
Everything spins nicely. Finally took it to 190 then 200 ft lb. The yoke seems
to spin as well as I can tell. No wobble and best of all no leaking.
To test I filled the diff up, ran out of fluid so down to AZ I go. Once back
I topped off the diff, torqued the fill plug and then spun the chunk around
so the pinion faced downward. After several hours no leaks and it spins quite 
freely so I do not think it is over torqued. 

Next Up... swing the axle back under the scout, bolt up the U bolts and
attach the front shackles.